Sadhana Foundation

  • Sadhana Foundation was envisaged in the year 2020 by a group of individuals across globe to promote, protect and propagate the Values, Knowledge, Customs and Traditions enshrined in Sanathana Dharma for the benefit of all beings in the universe. Whether it is human beings, animals, trees, stones, air, land, water, sky, planets, constellations and for that matter each and every known and unknown creation is revered, respected and prayed for in Sanathana Dharma. It seeks to enhance the gambit of well-being of all and through various practices, preserves, protects and perseveres to bring well-being, to all.
  • A huge bonanza of knowledge is, unfortunately, unused, misused, under-utilized or even under-estimated. While efforts are made by many to bring to light, parts of such knowledge, Sadhana Foundation endeavours to give a hand for such efforts and work closely with all such individuals and organizations which are expending such efforts.
  • Democratic thinking is part and parcel of Sanathana Dharma. Based on hereditary customs and traditions, Desh – place of living, Kaal – time and circumstances, Dharma varies while keeping the fundamental base of Loka Kalyan intact. Now-a-days due to mobility, communication boom and social media, confusion is being compounded on which Dharma to follow – and this confusion is encashed by various vested interests to propagate their agendas. Sadhana Foundation continually collates all information related to various Dharmic Standards starting with Vedas, Vedangas right up to territorial and circumstantial Dharma. In addition, FAQ’s are available and specific questions are also addressed by experts in Dharma.
  • Temples – from those highly venerated temples espoused in Puranas – to Ishta Devata and Grama Devatha temples, have always been centres of Dharma. Every walk of human life has always been integrated with temples and Gods, Goddesses in the form of any object. Consistent with the Upnishad belief of all sanathanis – aekam Sat, Viproh bahuda vadanthi – these temples integrated Dharma with local practices and systems keeping underlying principles of Loka Kalyan. It is unfortunate that these centres of Dharma in remote and rural areas are struggling for resources while some major temples have excessive resources. Sadhana Foundation attempts to network all small temples to large nearby temples for optimum utilization of resources.
  • Temples have also been centres for keeping local arts like art, dance, music, hari kathas etc. Such arts not only give professional satisfaction to the artists but also generate income both for the temples and artists. In fact, many of the sanathana arts are in danger of extinction. Sadhana endeavours to bring life and propagate these arts and give succour back to those artists.



  • Vedic Research: Encouraging Vedic Research, collating Vedic research data
    Standards Collation: Collating Standards for Sanathana Dharma activities including agama shashtras, original vedic texts, puranas, smrithis, sruthis, akshara samputis, intonation of sounds, mantras, sthothrams, classical music, classical dances, homams etc
  • Culture & Tradition: To collate data on Santhana Dharma Culture like how Gods became integral in society through every walk of life, music, dance, arts, yoga, food, thinking, temples as nodal points in society and take steps to restore them back. Major efforts to restore sanctity of Hindu Marriage System to it’s pristine level and entrusting responsibility to youth, police and justice system to support this effort.
  • Temple Integration: To network temples where small, rural, grama devatha, kula devatha, mid-level and major temples are networked and resources shared to become one monolithic structure without compromizing individual temples achar and samskar

Registration No: 25/22

It showed a lady fitted out with a fur hat and fur boa who sat uprigh


like these sweet mornings of spring which I enjoy with my whole heart.

It showed a lady fitted out with a fur hat and fur boa who sat uprigh

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